Specializing in custom residential design, portfolio home plans, home additions and renovations.

Learn More About Carolina Custom Creations

Carolina Custom Creations is a custom home design firm based out of upstate South Carolina. We specialize in designing new homes from the ground up, portfolio house plans, remodeling of existing homes, and designing new additions to current homes.

Our Focus

Our focus is to provide extraordinary services and products to all our clients regardless of location, size or type of home. We enjoy providing custom homes for not only those who want that 5000 square foot dream home or vacation home, but also for those who need a 1500 – 2000 square foot home that will fit their family’s needs perfectly. Most architectural design firms will charge a very high fee to design your custom home for you. However, there are many families who need a custom home design to fit their specific requirements, but can’t afford the fees to have this done.

Here at Carolina Custom Creations, we take pride and fulfillment knowing that we can help make your family’s dreams come true without charging you the elevated fees. We understand that most people have jobs during the week and can’t meet at the conventional business hours. We base our business hours on yours. We can meet or speak by telephone in the evenings and on weekends, or whenever you have time. We are here to help everyone provide a better environment to raise your growing family in, to create that dream vacation home, or to just simply retire to knowing that everything you could possibly need is surrounding you at all times.