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Custom Residential Homes

custom designs by Carolina Custom Creations"We’ve been designing custom homes since 1998 with training from some of the best home design firms. Our philosophy is to design 100 percent around the client’s needs and wants. We will take your ideas and show you how to make it work to your advantage. We never forget that this is your dream, and we will help make it come true.

Custom home plans belong to the client and will never be duplicated for another client. Your home will be one of a kind.

-         We will provide (4) four full size (24”x36”) sets of completed construction documents. We will also provide (2) two small sets (11”x17”) for ease of handling.

o       Construction Documents include:

§         Site plan with location of home.

§         All floor plans to scale.

§         Interior Bathroom, Kitchen and Living Room elevations.

§         All building elevations.

§         Building sections & details.

§         All structural plans.

§         Electrical plans.


-         Specifications on materials and products to help you get an accurate price from your builder of choice.

-         Help with choosing materials, equipment, and fixtures for your new home if needed.

-         On-site consultations with builders and owners if project is of local area.

-         Consultations with builders and owner via telephone calls if out of area.

-         We can offer a list of home builders and will be more than happy to review the bids with you to make sure it is exactly what you need.

-         We can design for optimum sound resistance throughout your home.

-         We can consult on the design to allow for the best Green Living environment.

-         All of our custom home designs will come with a color rendering of your home after completion for you to display as you wish. This is included in your package.

Custom home plans

-         Our starting fee for your custom home will be $0.65 per total heated square footage.

-         A flat fee of $0.40 per unheated square footage is charged for Bonus Rooms, Garages and Porches.

-         After the initial consultation, the fee will be finalized.

-         Shipping and Handling included.

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