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Customer Testimonials

"Carolina Custom Creations provided my husband and I with plans to build our dream home. The plans were made according to every thing we needed and wanted. The company provided us with knowledge that we never thought about when building a home. The plans were drawn so that there was no wasted space, and the room sizes were scaled perfectly. We looked at many homes in our area before actually realizing what we wanted in our home. I have witnessed many other homeowners that were unhappy with their room sizes and the overall layout of their home, so it was important that we didn't make mistakes with room scale. Carolina Custom Creations made my family’s happiness their business and provided us with their expertise. The best thing about Carolina Custom Creations was their affordability. When homeowners want to have a home drawn by an architect and not a drafter the cost is usually between 2 and 5 dollars per square foot, but my husband and I paid nothing near that price for a custom drawing. The affordability, professionalism and knowledge that this firm has, makes them second to none. Our experiences with this company were great, and we recommend them any time we hear of someone planning to build a home."

-- Tammy B

"Carolina Custom Creations provided my family with everything that we could possibly need for our home. The designer worked vigorously to make sure all of our wishes and demands were met. We have a growing family, so it was very important that we design for the present as well as the future and Carolina Custom Creations did exactly that. The biggest plus about working with them was their fee. After shopping around with other firms, we found CCC to be at least half the price of the other firms. The price combined with the attention to detail, we knew we made the best choice to design our custom home."

-- Sontang A.

"When it was time for us to design our dream home, we didn’t know where to start. We had ideas of what we wanted, had view numerous plans from those plan magazines, and even toured many different homes. We like many different aspects of each home or plan we saw, but nothing really came together as one. Once we contacted Carolina Custom Creations and sat down with the designer, we knew we had made a great decision. They made sure everything we needed and wanted was incorporated into our design. They even came to our home lot to help us decide which trees to keep and which to remove. Also, the fee that they charged was unbelievable in comparison to other companies. It was well worth it and then some. Thanks again to CCC and their staff for designing our perfect home."

-- Rachel B.